Dear who,

WELCOME TO 2016. I know I am late but I do hope your year has been going far better than my own. It’s cool. I know well enough that negativity isn’t permanent and that I have the choice to become a better person from whatever dire circumstance I have fallen into. I had to realize that, no good can come from that negativity. And surprisingly enough, that brought me peace. I got the chance to step away from the situation and do the most remarkable thing…Breathe.

It’s a New Year and I guess whenever a new year takes place, you should always look back at the progress you made. You, the world, or even a friend cause like I said ‘life is progress and so are we.’

2015 I found the motivation and the purpose behind in wanting to receive and want a higher education. And it wasn’t for a superficial reason such as the college parties, the freedom or the fact that it was ‘expected’ of me. It was more on solidifying the kind of person I wanted to be. And realizing the importance behind wanting to learn and wanting to embrace knowledge, for with it we create, explore, discover and become.  I grew up a lot last year. I feel more grounded and I can look back and be happy about the tears, the heartache and the struggle. Cause it brought me to a place of self-fulfillment.

2016 hasn’t had the best start (personally for me) but yeah, its life. I believe everything happens for a reason.

“Ain’t too proud to swim or drown now baby

Ain’t too proud to sink or see it through. “

Matt Nathanson (Headphones)


[I was going through my playlist and for some reason these lyrics have stuck with me. I can’t swim and often whenever I am on the deep end-I often compare it to drowning and not having the ability to breath, move, and function or have the strength to keep going. But then I realize that I have a choice. I can swim (at least attempt to) or drown.]


^Guess the significance of being proud?


But the great thing about struggle is that it helps you see that not everything is at is seems. The most popular girl in school might cry herself to sleep at night. The employee that you dislike for winning employee of the month works hard to support his brother and sister. The jock you praise might be a closet artist.


Struggle teaches you to be sensitive. I know the world is cruel; the people in it can often be too. But trust your instincts. Be kind, be real, and be better. And maybe, just be a little sensitive to those who are sharing this life with you. Don’t let the struggle of your circumstance make you suffer.

“We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder, you always have the choice.” – Dalai Lama