We could all use some time to think


Free people of the future is a dream  that I hope one day comes true. Where people aren’t being discriminated because of religion, appearance or background because people are free to be who they are. No, I am not some hippie. People might think some dreams should just stay just that, dreams. And that this isn’t important because you don’t think it will ever happen. That’s what they said about women voting, the right to gay marriage and lots of other things as well. Life is progress. Not perfect but, life was not supposed to be. It was meant to teach and make you grow.

Now I need a place to express and that’s why I created this site. For me it’s like an efficient journal. I have free rule and no one can take that away from me here. That makes me happy. Sometimes its nice to not have any authority over you. Express my thoughts about the world and hopefully give others insight.

So, enjoy.