Document Documents for Documentaries

it matters
it matters
There's more then what meets the eye
There’s more then what meets the eye
love is love
love is love
Remember me
Remember me
Skateboarding culture is another culture
Skateboarding culture is another culture
Protest for what you believe
Protest for what you believe is right

“love me just because I exist.”

Dear Who,

Okay, documentaries. Pretty random stuff but still something I thought that was worth posting about. I mean I have spent the past 3 days doing nothing but watching documentaries. Yeah, that much free time? Not healthy. Turns out that if you get tired of reading the best way to learn about any event or a person’s life story? A documentary!

First I honestly thought that watching these documentaries was a waste of time. But I thought about just giving it a chance since I didn’t have anything better to do. Randomly browsing I came across ‘dark girls’. About how black woman and young girls have felt about their skin. Other people’s perspective on it and how differently they are treated and looked at because of it.  They are made to feel ugly and not good enough because there are ‘different shades of black’ and most men prefer women who are lighter.

Watching this documentary? I was surprised for I thought that there wasn’t any sort of discrimination in the race itself but they discriminate one another by saying how a darker girl has more attitude then a light skin girl. And how a light skin girl has more class then a darker girl. It matters. Making young woman feel so negative about themselves, and forcing them to think that they aren’t beautiful and won’t get a man by the color of there skin. It’s wrong.

These documentaries gave me the chance to expose myself to an issue with a whole new perspective and insight. Knowledge that I didn’t have before and that showed me the significance of these documentaries and the effect it has on its audience. It was such a complicated matter and I did not even know that it existed. Being a young girl myself, I got to empathize with these girls for I understood what it was like to be stereotyped by my background, faith and features.

After watching Dark Girls I came across Love, Marilyn. I loved Marilyn and it was mostly due to the inspirational quotes on Tumblr and how young girls look up to her. She had been considered #1 sexiest woman alive with her curves back in the day (which gave great confidence to many girls). But I didn’t know anything about Marilyn. I didn’t know of her journey, her struggles and of her ambition. Not until I saw love, Marilyn and saw what a vibrant human being she was. One who was struggling with her own demons while smiling for the rest of the world.  With this documentary you could see how hard she worked and pushed herself, fought for what she wanted. Lead you question what goes on in movie industry, how back then (maybe even now) young woman had to sleep with producers in order to get a part. A whole culture of filmmaking filled with contracts, deals and publicity. She was committed to it and you got to see that.

Maybe the reason as to why I find documentary’s to be more interesting must be because of the information that it showcases you through videos of back then and pictures that weren’t seen before, interviews by people who knew the person or are connected to the situation. All of it being in one package allows you to just sit back and process. Then it makes you want to research more on the subject or leads you into discovering something you didn’t know before. Like for example: I found out that Marilyn Monroe was being paid less than the other actors in 20th century fox and one of those actors were Elizabeth Taylor. (she was mentioned quiet frequently) And I found out that she had taken the project of Cleopatra. I watched the movie and became introduced to a history of the Egyptians and the Romans.

So I say give it a shot. Learn something new.

What is the purpose of documentaries?

  • Documentary filmmakers attempting to change or improve society
  • Entertain or delight people
  • Uncover hidden truth or mystery
  • Profile someone famous
  • Reveal something to society

Few Documentaries I have seen

  • Dark girls
  • Bridegroom
  • The day the 60’s died
  • Michael Jackson: the life of an icon
  • Love, Marilyn
  • All this Mayhem

Peace is not Overrated

We are the world.
We are the world.
Use your voice
Use your voice
In the end we are all only human
In the end we are all only human

Dear Who,      

Our world is occupied by more than 7 billion people, each who come from a different background, culture and with their own set of traditions. But no matter what part of the world we all come from, we do share many similarities. Whether it is family, friends, society or even we, these similarities unify us as a species. But it is a shame that we do not search for these similarities with those who are around us for we all desire to be unique individuals. Not realizing until later on when a tragedy finds a way into our lives how we identify ourselves should not be by race, nation or gender but as human beings.

We do not see how much our behavior and attitude can play such a great part in the movement of change, freedom and liberation. How our inner strength, morals, ideals are what shape our cause and our chance for peace then the moments in which we are fighting for the reasons to be right. Our character is not only defined by how we choose to be but how we treat others. How we respect one another as human beings for we all have a right to be here.

I have begun to think that the reason why we see each other as inferior is because now we are immune to each other’s suffering. They are so many people in this world that there are too many to care about. You have life’s challenges thrust upon you at the same time you live in a competitive world which requires you to outshine the ones that surround you. You are not praised with the similarities you hold but discouraged instead. If we lived in a world of only a handful of human beings then even though they lived countries away, we would care. We would not be considering social status, color, age or background but just the simple fact that we are human beings and now we can fight for one another. In such a large world, it becomes hard to give importance to those who need it for we are distracted with the dealings of our own life. But suffering is suffering, if we do not try to make it a better world for one another, then who will?

Not often enough do we question the world and how it functions. The system, the motions we go through, we are so trapped in our way of life  most of the time, that we cannot see what surrounds us. We look towards become successful, powerful and unique for we want our differences to be our greatest appeal. Times in our life we have felt oppressed, and mainly it is because we live in a world where we do not have control. There is a higher power over us, whether it is our parents, government or God. The difference being that these are the very things that we look into for comfort, safety and support. Oppression is when authority that is enforced through an unjust manner; it is when freedom is fought for. In moments like these we need to look into ourselves and consider what sort of way of action we need to take.

My ranting might be of a young teen who is frustrated with the world but that is not true.  I have a voice that only wants to be heard and to want others to only care enough to take some sort of action towards the dealings of the world. Doesn’t matter if it to simply give a homeless man some money or go to Africa and save the young children of Sudan, just one act of kindness would make such a huge difference. Often you hear others say that having a voice is something many people call free speech but that is not what Voice is about; it is about being heard and letting others know that you are here as well, that you exist in this world and that you matter. It is to get others to care. Once you realize that kindness can achieve that, we would all be closer to that goal.

The thing about wanting peace is that others think that the only way we can find it is by going through the process of war. How can we do the right thing if our methods are wrong? Peaceful protesting is a great way to get things done for you live with no regrets and you are not inflicting suffering on others who did not ask for it. War, violent protesting and violence through the internet to get your opinions across will only make you the opponent in the end. We were born to love, we learned how to hate and now we choose love because it is the only way to find peace and end suffering. It is where you find compassion, honestly, happiness as well as a peaceful living. You need to see another’s form of comfort as your own because seeing others as your equal would help you understand that you are not alone in this world.

I may not believe in a lot of things but I believe that once we start becoming better people, we will be living in a better world.

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