Dear Who,
Its 3 am in the morning and I am awake and browsing through my Instagram when I come across “pray for Paris” on my newsfeed. Find out through some digging over the hostage situation and the killings that have occurred. It is still morning and I haven’t really checked the news over this situation but I browse through the comments below and slowly I begin to build up some rage. I am completely floored by the kind of reaction people are having towards it. The post is only asking for prayers. And though there are people who do offer responses such as ‘will live in memory’ ‘praying for hope and peace’ ‘praying for those gone and those who need courage’. There are many who have responses such as ‘its all ISLAMS fault, bloody Muslims’ ‘Muslims want to exterminate us Christians’ ‘Muslims are terrorists’    

Pardon my French but…WHAT THE FUCK?! Are you kidding me right now? Is this today’s generation? You have a phone, countless social media accounts but you didn’t receive a proper education to know the definition of terrorism or research the situation at all before lashing on a group filled with stereotypical and judgmental thoughts? I come from a Muslim background but that is not why I am angry. I am angry over the lack of respect and disappointed with the lack of facts and open minded reasoning. You are spreading negativity, hate and providing incorrect information to those who can be easily influenced. It’s wrong because you do not know what you are talking about.

Don’t people understand that hate leads to violence and violence only leads to TEMPORARY solutions? Instead of cursing out a group of people for what they use to identify themselves with, why don’t you open your thick skull and answer my question:

When you come across a stranger, can you see their faith on their foatheads? By how the look? Where they come from? 

Your faith isn’t something you can stamp on your passport or your ID. 

A white man can be Muslim.
A Pakistani can be an Atheist.
An Israeli can be Christian.
And an Indian could be Jewish.  

No matter what religion any individual follows or does not follow? You need to respect that. It is sacred to them and it plays a huge part in their life. People identify with it. They live and breathe it. It is not something you can disrespect, no matter what feelings you have towards it. You don’t have to AGREE with it. But you need to respect for everyone has free will. You have no right to take it away.

This just shows the importance of education. I honestly think we can save humanity with proper education and it is worth it when with education you become a better individual in today’s society. And we need better people who can tell the difference between right and wrong. Being illiterate will get you nowhere in life, and that’s not only about security, food and water. It gives other people a chance to manipulate you, brainwash you and use you. The thing with education is that not everything is taught in the classroom but you get to open your mind and become aware of the environment you live in and understand different and new perspectives. The area of a circle might not teach you independence. But subjects such as math, science, English and history are only the first few steps on the ladder towards greater knowledge about the world you live in and the part you can play in making a difference.

It all starts with you.

Search for new perspectives rather than those similar to your own because in the end? It won’t lead you anywhere.


PS. Does anybody realize that places like the US, UK, France and Russia get more recognition then other countries with bigger crises around the world? The attack in Peshawar where 145 CHILDREN had died didn’t get close to any recognition compared to that of what is happening in Paris right now. And that had to do with the Taliban who supposedly are considered ‘Muslims’ killing children who follow the same faith. A life is a life. Everyone matters. You’re significance is not identified by the nation you come from or the religion you follow for we are all equal regardless of those who think otherwise.

Terrorist: A person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.
Terrorism: The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes
Doesn’t matter what religion you come from. Religion is about peace and love and does not support hate or violence. You should not be targeting your grief or anger towards a faith but those who are using that faith to promote violence and putting those who are innocent for following and believing it in the crossfire. (Open your mind but also your heart)